The Christmas Céilidh Band
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Christmas Ceilidh Band

Program Description:

CCB creates an energetic, jovial and ceilidh-like atmosphere fitting for the holiday season. A ceilidh (kay-ley) is a Celtic community celebration of song, story and dance where everyone participates. The program features a variety of vocal carols, wassails and instrumental tunes from the Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia. The repertoire is centered on the themes of Advent, Christmas, the late autumn harvest, winter solstice, Hogmanay (a pagan Celtic celebration), and New Year’s. Audience participation is an integral factor of CCB’s performances as many of the pieces are traditional communal or story-telling songs.

Collaboration with dancers from the Kintail School of Scottish Highland Dance is also available. Dancers can perform any number of traditional Highland and National dances as well as original choreographies.

Logistics Requirements:

CCB’s performances are all acoustic without amplification. As a result, they are best enjoyed in a community setting that can accommodate 200-300 audience members. An elevated stage area is desired but not required. The immediate performance space must accommodate the six players and their vast array of instruments and stands. Typically an on-site meeting is requested so that CCB can evaluate any performance space. CCB will typically require access to the performance space three hours prior to the performance to allow set-up and stabilization of the instruments.

Collaboration with dancers requires additional space suitable for accurate dance performances.